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We are excited to announce that we have been given a matching gift of $25,000.00 to support North Grand Neighborhood Services.  Located in North St. Louis, our initiatives have created low income housing through the Solomon Project and youth employment opportunities through Angel Baked Cookies. 


We are giving you the opportunity to support our efforts in raising as much money as possible so that we can continue our mission.     


Here are the top five reasons to consider giving;


5.  Your gift is taxed deductible!  NGNS is a 501c3 organization since 2005 making your gift a taxed deductible contribution.  


4.  Your gift will go twice as far!  Your contribution of $100.00 will become $200.00!  Need I say more? 


3.  Your gift will help create low income housing!  Through the efforts of The Solomon Project, we have reduced the amount of abandoned properties in our area from 46% to less than 5% since 2005.  This has had a tremendous impact on our community resulting in a reduction of crime, increased home ownership and a sense of community pride.   


2.  Your gift will provide job training and life training for at risk youth!  Angel Baked Cookies is a social enterprise that hires and empowers youth by teaching them what it means to be an employee as well as what it means to be responsible young adults.  Our workshops address financial literacy, leadership, conflict resolution, interviewing skills, and more.  


1.  100% of our participating youth have graduated high school!  To date, 100% of our participating angels have graduated high school.  In addition, most of our teens seek higher education opportunities after high school.   We are so proud of them! 


We need your help!  We promise that your contribution will go a long way to help us expand our youth employment initiative as well as supporting our low-income housing project.  Please take a moment to return the enclosed material or go to or and click on the “DONATE” button.

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