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"Thus says the Lord, 'For Solomon, a peaceful man, shall build a house in my honor' "  - 1 Chronicles 22: 9-10

Want to get involved?


Ask your organization or school to volunteer on a regular basis.  Groups can volunteer once a week, once a month, or once a semester depending on their ability. 


Group sizes range from five to twenty volunteers and work is done on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.


Or, ask your group or organization to raise and/or donate funds to the Solomon Project.  Solomon homes are consistently sold for less than they are worth, so fundraising support helps us to continue to provide quality, affordable homes.


Or, ask others to volunteer.  You may know someone who can help and would like the hands on experience.


Call us or email;

In the time of King David, the Lord spoke to him saying that his son Solomon would build a house in honor of the Lord.  Solomon fulfilled the Lord’s command by building a Temple and a reign of peace followed. 


Today, the Solomon Project seeks to build houses in honor of our Lord, recognizing that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. The Solomon Project was created by NGNS (North Grand Neighborhood Services) and seeks to build affordable housing in the North St. Louis community. 


The affordable housing is made possible through volunteer laborers, financial contributions and donated building materials. Volunteer groups commit their time and energy on a regular basis under the direction of a qualified general contractor. These groups can follow their project from beginning to completion.


“It is a rewarding experience to see the fruits of our labor when the new home owner moves in,” said one of the volunteers.

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