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Project Wish List

This page lists our various projects that volunteer groups can choose to adopt.  We encourage every volunteer group to select a project that excites them and is suited to their skill level.  Once you select a project we can work with you to help fundraise so that we have the resources to build up the North Grand Neighborhood with dignity.   

Too often we have to consistently turn down requests of assistance from local residents because of lack of resources.  By selecting a project from our "wish list" below, you are building up the local community.  To date, we have reduced the abandoned property rate in our service area from 42% to 15% in just a few years.  Please help us to bring the number of abandoned properties to 0! 


  • Mow lawns (we have a lot!)- $10 for gas 

  • Build retaining wall- $100

  • Replace dangerous 4 foot fence with a 6 foot chain-link fence-$250

  • Landscape Solomon Property- $400

  • Pour concrete patio for Solomon home - $500

  • Pour concrete parking pads behind Solomon properties -$500

  • Install flooring for Solomon property - $800

  • Sandblast and paint exterior of Solomon property - $1,500

  • Repair bathroom of local residence (gut-rehab)-$3,500

  • Pour foundation of the next Solomon house- $15,000


If your group is unable to make a monetary contribution, you are still very welcome to join us!  Ask about what tools we might need to borrow to complete a certain project.  Even better than a donation is spreading the good news about all the positive developments happening in North St. Louis!

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